About Abofasada

Who we Are?

AboFasada team is a group of experienced talented professionals in agriculture and technology “Agri-Tech” who have passion to improve the quality of life by utilizing technology and research in agriculture filed.
In our quest towards providing state of the art service for our clients, AboFasada team combines skilled professionals from different domains including but not limited to Agriculture, Technology and Business Development with an average of 15 years of hands-on experience.

Our motive

We believe that the burden of finding a solution to the world hunger problem resulted from the rapid increase in population lies on the agriculture sector’s shoulder therefore a solution must be found, to develop this solution an integration between agriculture, technology, research and artificial intelligence must be formed and this is where our team contributes by utilizing our experience in technology and agriculture to find the solution.

Our Vision

Improve quality of life by contributing in finding a solution to world hunger.

Our mission

Help improving quality of life through empowering farmers to produce high quality products by brining latest research data and consultants to the farmer.
providing latest technology to serve both farmers and consultants to get better crop quality, maximize production, and crop selection to match the production with the demand which leads directly to increase their revenue and profitability.
Building an updated database for crops and plant infections providing researchers with real life challenges to work on it.


Year Of Experience


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Team Members


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Organizational Structure

Meet the team behind AboFasada

Eng. Mahmoud Hashim


Business development Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in business development, operation management and sales in different domains such as “Technology and telecommunication, software and development


Dr. Fatima Alzahraa Mohamed


Agri-Consultant, researcher, and a natural problem-solving with an academic background on sustainable business evaluation. TEDx Women speaker with 15 years of work experience providing consultation for multiple cultures and different managerial levels, for different sectors acting as a technical consultant for roof-top farmers. 2017 started an initiative to plant fruit trees on our streets in Egypt to fight climate change, hunger, bring beauty and provide unconventional job opportunities for young people.